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Home Sale Ready

Project Consulting Services to Maximize your Home Value

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About Us

Home Sale Ready

Most everyone has been there.  You purchase a home.  Many times it is your biggest investment and often times you need to sell your home under ever changing market conditions or unexpected personal life changes.  We've seen it all!  That's why we draw on our professional relationships, strengthened over 20 years in the construction industry, to bring you a personalized project consulting service that delivers on our promise to maximize the value of your home. 


So, whether you are looking to improve your home to meet the demands of a new generation of real estate buyers looking for the "move in ready" experience, or if you are planning to maximize the value of your home with a closing deadline because you are moving to a bigger home, flipping that fixer-upper, or in a forced sale situation. We are here to help.   Call now for your free consultation and estimate.

Recent Projects


"I bought a home in 2015 for $190,000.  It was a fixer-upper in Essex County, New Jersey.  Two years later, I was in the middle of an unexpected divorce.  My whole life was suddenly turned upside down.  I'm handy, but I just didn't have the emotional will or the time to take off work to prepare my home for sale.  My realtor was recommending upgrades to the home.  Money was tight, time was precious, and for the sake of my kids I had to turn this into a win.  Home Sale Ready estimated my project, contacted all the right contractors, collaborated with my realtor and made the home improvement and sale seamless and worry free.  My home sold for $340,000 in 2017.  Time of listing to time of closing was 60 days.  This service was well worth the money.  I would hire them again."

Chris Pereira

"In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a huge impact on many households.  We were particularly impacted because we are of retirement age and relied on one income.  When my husband lost his job due to employment layoffs we expedited our retirement plans and planned a move from New Jersey to Naples, Florida.  Our home was one of our biggest investments, and in a seller's market, we wanted to take full advantage of the increase in value at the time of sale.  We scheduled a consultation with Home Sale Ready to discuss our plans.  They offered the option of a  Zoom meeting, but we couldn't figure that out. We scheduled a time that we could comfortably discuss our plans at home.  Home Sale Ready was considerate, accommodating, and they wore masks to keep everyone safe.  We discussed what needed to be done to our home to prepare for sale on recommendations from our

realtor.  Home Sale Ready estimated our project, returned with reasonable pricing, and a list of reliable, licensed and insured contractors.  After receiving several offers on our home. Our home sold for more that we expected. The profits from our sale helped with our relocation costs."

Laura & Mike

"We owned two homes in New Jersey.  One of them was an income property the other our primary residence.  In June 2019, the lease on the income property was ending, we decided to sell the income property to make the home sale profits part of our retirement savings and live comfortably in a smaller ranch home.  After renting the income property for several years the property needed some TLC to prepare it for listing on the market.  We didn't know any reliable and reputable contractors, and we didn't feel comfortable investing in contractors based on website reviews and triple A ratings from the Better Business Bureau.  Our grandchildren suggested Home Sale Ready to ensure we would receive the best value for our home sale.  In less than three months, our home sold over market just in time to avoid (as terrible as it sounds) tenants in our income property who would likely not pay rents during COVID-19 and the expense of North Jersey taxes eating into our retirement in 2020.  Thinking back, this was the money ever spent!  All costs were paid at closing, and our family could retire with peace of mind."

Justine Verdans

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