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The Nelson’s Project

The Pereira's Project

The Pereira home had dark stained floors from another era with dark paneling on one of the three walls which absorbed a lot of the natural light.  After the floor restoration, the abundant light from their beautiful oversized windows gave the staged living room a crisp and modern look without compromising the home's historic value.  

The William's Project

The William's home needed a guest bathroom remodeled.  The existing bathroom was dilapidated.  Walls lacked good insulation, the exterior wall had warped paneling, and overhead plumbing leaked onto the guest bathroom damaging the wood floor.  The overhead plumbing problem was corrected, and the new walls and the floor were secured with Hardie backer board to support the new green onyx stone tile.  A modern corner sink was installed adding storage to the guest bathroom which had no previous storage.  A corner soffit encloses the main drain pipe behind the toilet area seamlessly adding to the bathroom decor.  A new wall was constructed with adequate space for a properly functioning door.  Though the house had three other full sized bathrooms, this was a buyer favorite.

20131 Grove Street

The Verdans' Project

The Verdans' home had a full size attic with a full bathroom, bedroom and a large studio space.  The entire space was used for storage for years and was considered uninhabitable.  The attic renovation included properly venting and insulating the entirety of the gabled roof, a new attic fan with properly sized ceiling register for adequate ventilation, and dual sided kneeling wall design for ample storage space.  This renovation added a fifth bedroom, a classical bathroom with clawfoot tub ignored for years, and a tremendous art studio space/living space which netted multiple competing offers.  The exposed brick was also a popular item.  

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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